Tuesday, April 12, 2016


you do realize that this gets worse, right?

Add to the 50,000 dollars that was used as an example in the previous post, the 936 dollar raise that was mentioned. Now, multiply 50,936 dollars by 2.3 percent. The union now gets 1,172 dollars in dues money!

50,936 by the agency membership rate of 1.74 percent translates to 886 dollars. Your actual raise for the year is 50 dollars.  But only if you are paying the agency rate fee.

Are you mad as hell yet?

Let's keep this going while we have your attention.

Take the gross income amount from your 2015 W2 and multiply that by 2.3 percent.

The union just loves it when you do overtime. The more you make, the more they make. 
Now tell us once again just how great SEIU is! Can you understand why they don't want to be pushed out as the union that represents the workforce?  They are laughing all the way to the bank!

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