Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why is CAS pinching pennies?

What is with this," use your sampling traps until they fall apart" horse manure? For some reason CAS wants us to think that they are in dire straits when it comes to money.

According to a reliable source, CAS received a 4 year contract valued at 404 million dollars. And, on top of that, they received a bonus of 18.2 million dollars when they won the bid.

Is CAS funding other business interest? Is the ugly head of corporate greed rising up again? CAS is already screwing us far more than they should and they still want more?

No new shoes! No laundry service! No family medical coverage! Minimal staffing levels! And, the biggest injustice of all, no shift differential!

The TSA needs to stop turning a blind eye to the daily events at SFO.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to file a CA. Labor Law Complaint

This came to us as a comment, but we feel that it should be posted to get the full effect.

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement - District offices

San Francisco--Headquarters
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 9th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 703-4810

here are the instructions on how to file plaint

Our CAS sisters and brothers, you must be feeling like you are on your own as CAS continue to intimidate you and "our beloved do nothing union" would do nothing about it as usual. We must fight back!

Just what is our wonderful union up to?

We all know that SEIU is one of the biggest contributors to the Democratic Party. We all know that President Obama needs all the help that he can get, especially now with members of his own Party not happy with him. So, what's a union to do? Why throw money and hope that he gets re-elected, of course!

So, the recent scare tactics, that SEIU is using and management is denying, is their attempt to get more of us to pay a full 1.8% instead of the 1.2% lower rate. According to them we need them more now than ever before. Yeah, right!

Have they done anything noteworthy in the last 8 plus years? They would like us to think that they have.

Don't be deceived by their telling us that the "sky is falling."

It's time that they do something first to show us that they are effectively representing our best interest.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Crunch time for the shoe policy!

September 1st is "D" Day.

Will CAS continue to try to intimidate the workforce into paying for a uniform item that they should pay for? Shoes are part of the uniform that should be bought and paid for by the company.

If you have already purchased your shoes save your receipts. This is a clear violation of California State Law. So far, our do nothing union has yet to take a stand. (Watch what this union is capable of.) If they don't act on behalf of the workforce we will.

Just so CAS knows that our hearts are in the right place we are willing to meet them half way. They can buy the shoes and we will buy are own black socks.

Why Now?

It's almost 9 full years, so why now?

Management has been conducting meetings with the rank and file and is stressing the importance of having everyone follow their work schedule. The unpredictability of Kincare and FMLA call outs has caused a negative impact on operations.

So, how does CAS management hope to remedy this situation? Their solution is to have our co-workers put pressure on those who have called out to not do it again. Management is concerned for those of us that have to carry the "extra" work load when there are call outs. (They don't want us to work harder than we have been.)

Has management suddenly found a heart and a conscience? You be the judge. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take your time!

As we are fast approaching the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, it is imperative that we use the utmost care when performing the screening process. Before you open any bag, whether it be at the checkpoint or in the baggage inspection rooms, carefully examine the image on the screen.
Your primary focus has to be, "is it safe for me to open this bag? Is there anything here that presents an obvious threat to me and to all those around me?"
For your own personal safety, and for the safety of your co-workers, take your time. If you have any doubts at all confer with a co-worker. Don't be distracted by anything else that may be going on around you.