Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We have a question!

Why was the copy of the latest signed CBA, that was sent to the TSA, so heavily redacted?

Just what doesn't CAS want the TSA to know?

We will supply an non-redacted copy to the TSA if we are contacted.

Let's get to the bottom of this subterfuge!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What a surprise....another backroom deal between Covenant Aviation and SEIU.

Covenant and SEIU have joined forces once again to stick it to the employees!

Information that we have received, that was dated 9/17/15, disclosed a cozy and convenient arrangement.  SEIU wants to guarantee that they are the union that will represent the workforce, whether Covenant retains the contract or not. So, what does Covenant get in return? How about the political clout of SEIU?

And why has the union asked for -- and been granted by Covenant -- access to the last four digits of our social security numbers? This information is "personally identifiable information." Is this even legal? What gives Covenant the right to make that decision?

We have submitted this information to the appropriate parties for review.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Upper management wants to gather employees twice a month, from each section of the screener workforce (checked baggage and checkpoint), to come up with suggestions on how to create a "positive workplace environment."

Do they really need the workforce to tell them what they should already know? They know exactly what has caused the discontent throughout the workforce!  Just who are they trying to kid?

Previous "sessions" with management produced zero results. They wrote suggestions down and pretended that they actually cared enough to make changes. Can anyone point out any positive changes that have been implemented? The only changes that have taken place have been negative. Staffing levels are so low that we can not take our breaks and we are delayed being released at the end of our work shifts. Management wants more production from fewer workers.

So, what is behind this insincere attempt to improve worker morale? If you don't know by now we will tell's more profit for them!

Will Covenant retain this contract to provide an inferior product to the stakeholders? Will a new company assume responsibilities at SFO?

We can and will increase performance for a company that cares and treats their employees with respect and appreciation.
Covenant should be seen for what they truly are. They are a company that has always put "Profit before Product."