Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Distance Between The Two Sides Is Getting

wider and wider.

The previous two postings only shows how management remains committed to using measures that will do nothing to improve worker morale.

Threats and attempts at intimidation will only make the workforce more determined.  Have you not learned anything over the years?  If you show respect you will get respect.  Do you not see what type of workforce you are cultivating?  Do you not see that we are fed up?

Do you not realize that this blog is being read by other airport employees around the country?  We have been contacted by members of the TSA workforce at airports who may or may not opt out.  Is this the image CAS wants them to see?  Just how willing do you think they will be to work with CAS management?  Your reputation will surely precede you!

Open your eyes and learn from your mistakes.

CAS Is Counting On You Not Knowing What Your Rights Are!