Thursday, August 15, 2013

We have been asked to post this bit of information

To all who received a letter from SEIU demanding that you start paying dues.

 Mr. Stephen Burke has filed a charge against the Union regarding a withholding of dues due to a lack of a contract. A "Hiatus" period was in effect since the beginning of 2012 which resulted in the temporary removal of our requirement to pay dues. A letter requesting  that the payroll department not take any dues from our paychecks was submitted. This letter also stated that if and when a new contract became effective that we would only resume our membership at a reduced payment rate according to the 'Beck" clause. That "Beck" membership rate would be at a reduced rate of  (1.8% ) not the full amount of 2.3%.

Do not send back the two cards to the Union. The National Labor Relations Board is now conducting an investigation and we feel very confident that the previous ballot results will be tossed out. We are requesting that a new vote take place on-site, not as a mail in ballot.

We will pass along any information as it becomes available to us.

Once again, has anyone seen a signed copy of the new contract?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What do we have?

The TSA has something called, "Workforce Engagement." Its stated purpose is to, "ensure that all employees at all levels are informed, inspired and supported so they can effectively contribute their expertise and enthusiasm to the success and performance of the TSA."  Do we have anything like that at Covenant?  Absolutely not!

What we do have is a management team that does everything it can to keep us uninformed. What we do have is a management team that does nothing to keep us inspired and motivated. This management team has shown its utter contempt for the workforce by sticking it to us as often, and as hard, as they can. 

We have all had a recent sampling of the value that Covenant places on the contributions of the workforce. We have just received a quarterly bonus of 100 dollars which, after taxes, nets out somewhere around 60 dollars.  Or, as we like to look at it, less than a net total of a dollar a day.

This profit-before-product company takes away several thousand of dollars in givebacks and take-away and in return they proudly announce this embarrassing quarterly bonus!  Does any employee not see how little they think of us?

Once again, we are stating, for the record, that there is absolutely and undeniably no cost advantage between a for profit-at-any-cost_private contractor and the TSA.  The budget would be the same, the only difference is that a for profit company, such as Covenant Aviation, is purely motivated by greed versus the TSA which is totally focused on providing the highest level of security possible.

We hope that Covenant is seen for what they are and that their days at SFO will soon come to an end.

Monday, August 12, 2013

SEIU is at it once again!

In their haste to re-establish their undeserved flow of cash in the form of dues, SEIU conveniently overlooked that they are suppose to inform the workforce that we do, in fact, have an option.

SEIU wants to collect dues at a full membership rate, when the employees have the option of paying an agency-only reduced rate. Gee, we wonder how they could have overlooked making that information available?  Go figure! Has anyone actually seen the new collective bargaining agreement?

BTW....a motion has been filed to have the recent vote-by-mail ballots tossed out.  A workforce this size should have had a walk-in ballot.  You will be made aware of any news concerning this issue as it becomes available to us.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are you as stunned as we are?

In a letter from JLP, he attempts to address the rumors that he was made aware of through Facebook.

According to Mr. J.Pee, the likelihood of a TSA takeover of the screening operations at SFO will never happen. According to Mr. J.Pee, CAS does the best job of performing screening operations at a CAT X airport.  Perhaps he should share that information with Uncle Mike.

Yes, the same Uncle Mike who has decided to loosen the purse strings and dole out a $100 quarterly bonus to all of us.

Let's see, that breaks down to a dollar and a penny per day.  Gee, Uncle Mike, are you for real?  Is that how little you think of the contributions made by the workforce?  Is that how little you think of our performance, which has allowed you to keep your job with your lofty salary?  Isn't it nice to have a management team that recognizes the true value of the workforce?

Once again, this "profit-before-product" company known as CAS has shown that the only things that they really appreciate are the almighty dollars that line their collective pockets, courtesy of the workforce.

Now, why is it that they deserve to have this contract any longer?