Monday, December 31, 2012

From All Of Us To All Of You...

 ( the workforce that is.)

Have a safe and happy New Year.  May 2013 bring us all that we hoped for in 2012.

A quitter never wins!

We will continue to be your voice and your hope for a better tomorrow.

A Bit Of Advice From A Reader

After a cheery start to the day filled with threats and intimidation, I again call for a little self evaluation by Mister Jeff. I've included a decision making chart to help you out.

A boss creates fear - A leader creates confidence
A boss affixes blame - A  leader corrects mistakes
A boss knows all - A leader asks questions
A boss makes work drudgery - A leader makes work interesting
A boss is interested in him or herself - A leader is interested in others

Based on this little chart, you certainly are a boss. However, what we sorely need is a leader!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thought For The Day!

Is it possible that our number one problem, rude behavior, is a reflection on our number one

manager?  What do you think, Mr. Jeff?  I think it's a good possibility.

( Reader Contribution)

And while we are at it, is anyone impressed with the managerial skills of our crack upper management team? 

There was a record number of call outs and no shows today.  (We do have family obligations even if you don't think we do.) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Shame Of All This..

is that management is not ashamed of what they have done to the workforce and their families!  The shame of all this is that CAS thinks that all this is just a good business strategy. The shame of all this is that SEIU helped stick it to the workforce.

Mr.Jeff states that the members of the workforce that "call out" and not show up for work are hurting their co-workers. That they are " just gaming the system." Our co-workers know what we are doing and why.

It appears that our stellar management team thought that it would be business as usual and that the workforce was going to make believe that they are appreciated.and valued.  CAS, your actions speak volumes!  We know how very little you care about us as individuals and as a head of households.

So, what does management do?  They completely block out PTO for the balance of the month of December.  No one can take a day off!  No one has any plans with their families, right?  Everyone will show up for work, right?  The workforce is showing our displeasure for this new contract and your heavy handed techniques.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judge them by what they do!

It seems we now have a new union contract. The union says the membership has spoken and all is well with the world. Yet these words need a closer inspection. It appears that if a eligible union member failed to vote then the lack of a vote was considered a yes vote. This vote may have changed the outcome of the election. Is this legal? It may well be. Is this practice ethical? I think not!

Did the union intentionally neglect to tell the membership before the vote? It seems so. Is this ethical? I think not!

When the union says they are here to represent your interests, I think you need to evaluate this statement. I for one won't say no. I'll say HELL NO!

People will tell you anything, but what they do is the truth!

( Reader Contribution) 

Just How Has CAS Shown Any Kind Of Recognition..

to the workforce for our contribution?

Several months, ago CAS proposed a 500 dollar bonus to those employees who have been here for ten years or more.  It breaks down to 50 dollars per year, or, as we like to look at it, somewhere around .40 cents per day.  Eye opening and jaw dropping numbers, right? 

Now, the money that they had offered would have come from the reduction in the vacation accrual rate.  In other words, it would have cost them nothing!
Where's their "personal integrity"?  Where's their team spirit?  Appreciate us in a more meaningful way!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Note To Mr. Jeff

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads and the boss drives.

Theodore Roosevelt

It's possible a little self evaluation is needed.

(This was submitted by one of our readers!)

The "Mission"

So how does our believing in the "Mission" benefit CAS?   The biggest and most visible benefit is the contract longevity!  CAS has been riding this gravy train for more than 10 years.  Would this have been possible if we, the workforce, did not believe in the " Mission?"

Monday, December 17, 2012

We Didn't Just Get The Bird...

from CAS, but with the help of SEIU, we also received the shaft!

Is there anyone out there that doesn't see this cozy relationship between CAS and SEIU?

The letter from Jeff Pugh wants to recognize the SEIU lack-of-bargaining team for all of their efforts.  Really?  They worked hard for their own self interest. They totally caved in and stuck it to the very people they are suppose to bargain for and represent.  Shame on you!

So, what now?  CAS is left with an unmotivated, disillusioned, dispirited and totally unappreciated workforce.  Is that what you really want?   That is exactly what the management team has knowingly created.  Just how do you expect us to give world-class-customer-service?  The quality of the only product that CAS has to offer is based on the attitude and professionalism of the workforce.  

Once again, we will follow the lead of our private contractor versus TSA management team.  We are only in it for the money!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Your union at work!

Many of us are wondering just how this latest contract offer from CAS was able to pass.  With so many of us voting "no", how could this happen?  Well, it seems that if one was able to vote, but didn't, their missing vote was counted as a "yes."  What's that you say?  Huh?  WTF?  There's more than something shady going on here!  

Add that to the fact that the union was counting the votes themselves, unmonitored, and we all know that they wanted us to vote yes.  Imagine this:  all the "no" votes go into the pile on the left, and the "yes" votes we will keep right here.  Hey, wait a minute, did anyone see where that pile on the left went?  Gee, they must have been counted already! 

We expect and deserve more from a union that is supposed to look out for us.  They have been nothing other than self-serving.

BTW, we hear that the dues will be going up in January.  Why are we not surprised!

Monday, December 3, 2012

CAS giving us the bird once again!

On December 5th, CAS will once again be giving us the "bird"  for our combination Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.  Rumor has it that CAS will not be handing out the year-end bonuses at this time.  It seems that they are planning to hand them out after the rank-and-file vote on their latest CBA offering.  This is a blatant attempt to influence the outcome of the vote!  Where's their Christmas spirit?

And as for the "surprise" visitor,  if it isn't the TSA Administrator, John Pistole, announcing a federal takeover of SFO -- please have him or her stay at home. 

And, speaking about the vote, we urge all of you to vote a resounding "no" on this insult.  

We all know that the union is pushing for passage on this offer saying, "this is the best that we can do."  How so?  Has anyone heard of our union submitting any kind of alternative offer to CAS?  They have only "accepted " this slightly better offer thinking, in their "small" minds, that they have actually won the battle.  They were, and still are, totally unqualified to bargain and represent us. 

And, will there be an outside unaffiliated monitor present during the counting of the votes?  We certainly hope so!