who may be considering opting out of the TSA screening process for a private contractor.  Don't Do It!  You will not get the quality that is promised, and there are absolutely no cost saving benefits. 

The quality of the only product -- checkpoint and checked baggage screening -- depends entirely upon the morale and professionalism of the workforce.  A for-profit, private contractor's sole focus is to generate a profit.  That profit is not generated from economies of scale, but rather by reducing staffing levels, not giving shift differential, lower pay scales, eliminating uniform and parking allowances, and decreasing paid family medical coverage benefits.  Now, the tricky part for a private contractor is to reduce wages and benefits, without sparking a workforce revolt. 

Well, with their over zealous greed and total disregard for the workforce, Covenant has crossed the line!  
The workforce has responded in a way far more severe than this company anticipated.  The workforce has shown their displeasure by becoming unmotivated, dispirited, discourteous and downright hostile towards management.  The San Francisco International Airport Commission and the TSA have had enough of Covenant and their policies.  The 10-plus year honeymoon is over!

This contract is now open to all interested parties who qualify.  This contractor and any other contractor that puts profit margins before product will suffer the same fate if they follow the same path. We have families that depend upon us, and we also have wants and needs.  Covenant management has gone way too far!

Now, we are not saying that the TSA is perfect. We know, and so do you, that they have their own unique problems.  As difficult as those TSA problems are, they can and will be solved.  
The TSA is not trying to generate a profit. The TSA is not trying to stick it to their employees. The TSA problems are not insurmountable.  The TSA is the better choice!

Feel free to read our blog postings that go back several years.  None of what we wrote about is fabricated; it is all true.  Read it and then decide for yourselves.

BTW...Is Rand Paul the new John Mica?  Is he also on the private contractor payroll?  Or has he too been duped?