Thursday, March 29, 2012

GASS Expands

The "security firm" providing General Airport Security Services will get an additional $700,000 earmarked from SFIA at the next Airport Commission meeting. These funds are primarily being committed to secure the airport checkpoints during non-operational hours.

This is in line with practices at other airports. TSA has been designating airports cover these costs as being outside the mandate of TSA screening.

If there is more to this story (why did SFO get federally paid security during those hours?), I don't expect a paper trail, but you never know considering some of the actors in this drama. In any case, the graveyard shift looks to be a casualty of something happening later rather than sooner. Certainly, it was profitable while the contracts were "cost plus" on a federal level (obscenely profitable, perhaps). And CAS simply puts out their other hand to collect from SFO when the contract rules change. $700,000 worth of change.

Simple, yet inelegant. Mario Puzo couldn't dream this stuff up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

CAS...A Classless Act All The Way

Charges have been filed with the Department of Justice by members of our workforce who are current and former members of our Armed Forces. These charges are in protest of CAS's unfair and illegal discrimination against armed service members while assigning promotions.

Not only have these men and women been denied promotions, but CAS has not fulfilled their financial obligations to these members while they have been either deployed or away for military training.

We urge any and all current and former military members of the workforce to take a stand and prepare to draft up and submit a statement supporting this claim of illegal and unfair treatment.

This treatment is completely and totally unacceptable.

Let the chips fall where they may! Lock and Load.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What makes an "Untouchable" Touchable?

We all know how management likes to cover up for all those within their "inner" circle, but what has caused that to change? Is sweeping things under the rug no longer fashionable?

When events and misconduct are not kept "in house", CAS has no choice but to take it on the chin.

The suspension of Terminal Manager, Shelley Burrell, for professional misconduct is surely a gigantic black eye for the company. With CAS desperately trying to cling to the appearance of being a company beyond reproach, this incident will only prove to be detrimental to the company.

How the mighty have fallen!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And Now a Word From Our Non-Sponsors

Sacramento International Airport's Central Terminal B is now open.

Check out this design pic from Sacramento's "terminal modernization":

Terminal B architectural rendering

Are you getting a sinking feeling that this is SFO-junior?

And, yes, we hear they are applying to the Screening Partnership Program.

Is this the work of Dan Lungren, or the SEIU?

From the looks of the building design, is Willie Brown involved? Maybe not, the materials look to be government standard, I can't see the signature Willie Brown upgrades. But other than him, it looks to be the usual suspects.

Monday, March 19, 2012

NY Daily News Not Naming Names of Nameless, Faceless Private Security

We missed this February 28 article because it does not name the "security firm" involved.

The firm is not named, but still I must revise my previous post - it looks like there were no moving vans involved!

Money quote: "Moore also blamed ... the security firm for doing nothing when it spotted the truck".

Now that security firm is being sued!

New York Daily News doesn't need to name the firm, they're all pretty much the same. Except some might have higher insurance rates, and higher priced lawyers, and lobbyists, and legal settlement costs, and profit-sharing offers with local airport boards. And that motivates said employees of "security firm" to do what? Moore? Exactly!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meanwhile, Back in Gotham City

In Gotham City, it's more from the Why's Everybody Disputin' With Covenant Aviation category:

Howard previously reported that the Port Authority of New York has an action against
Covenant Aviation in the New York court system. They've now added a complaint in federal court.

Plaintiff: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Defendant: Covenant Aviation Security, LLC, Illinois National Insurance Company, Tully
Construction Company, Inc. and Zurich American Insurance Company

Case No.:1:2012cv01092 Filed March 6, 2012

Did the Covenant moving van go Crash! Boom! Pow! ??

And the former Covenant employees that have been captive of the SEIU? Will any caped crusaders rescue them in time? Or will the NLRB shred their ballots and tell them that's life in the big city, sentencing them to more of the misery that dates back to their employment with Covenant? Will SEIU use the legal procedures (follow the dollars SEIU - Obama - NLRB) to expand their organizing turf in the world of contract security? It's gonna be a nail biter for viewers across this broadcast channel.

And will the former Covenant supervisors win their huge class action wage and hour lawsuit against the well-financed Covenant Aviation Security LLC? What about the sex discrimination claims? Religious discrimination? Does anybody not have a beef?

Indeed. There are lots of action packed adventures in a city that never sleeps, and Covenant Aviation sure has a knack for gettin' in the mix. Always remember though - nobody wants Akal Security! Covenant? Groovy! Akal? Bad, mall cops, low cost provider. Four defendants in one case - now that's some high class disputin' right there!

What is Rep. John Mica really up to?

It should be more than obvious the Gerry Berry has this guy in his pocket, and we would like to know how and why!

(This relates to the 16 airports that are now part of the SPP. Maybe he thought that no one would notice.)

Eight of the sixteen airports in this program are Essential Air Service airports carrying very few passengers on subsidized flights. If Mica wanted to save the government money, why has he exempted these airports from cuts to the Essential Air Service program (in the same bill he's bragging about)?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Have We Come To This Point?

Just what has made the relationship between the workforce and management so hostile?

How about some of these reasons!

Has CAS ever shown a modicum of concern about the issues that are important to us?

The petition that the baggage supervisors, signed and submitted to management had absolutely no impact. An attempt to alert management to an on going problem fell on deaf ears. Management looked into the issue and determined that there was no need for a change. Unfortunately, that was not how those sups felt. Management was once again unresponsive as always.

When they shake our hands and pat us on the back, has there ever been any sincerity? When they unfairly promote their buddies, girlfriends and boyfriends over other applicants what message do they think they are sending?

When they bend the rules to promote people who haven't been here long enough to even qualify, do they even care? It's just business as usual.

When they promote a part timer, who has been here less than a year, to a Lead position, what does that tell the rest of us?

We have families that count on us, but that is no concern of yours, is it? Do you think that no one is watching? It's your arrogance that we find so disturbing! You feel that you can do whatever you what because there is no way you are going to lose this contract.

So, what type of worker does CAS cultivate? How about someone who is here just for a paycheck and doesn't give a hoot about the "mission."

Shall we take our cues from management; should we be here just for the money?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SFO and CAS are using the same lobbyists!

Why are we not surprised?

CAS is covering all the bases. (or, at least they are trying to.)

With the already cozy relationship CAS has with SEIU they have added the services of Smith, Dawson and Andrews.

Just how does a for profit company like CAS expect to make a profit spending all this money? Let's new shoes, no shift differential, no laundry services, lower wages, etc.......

We seem to be holding the short end of the stick!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Smear Against SEIU; Say it's not so!

Is it that hard to believe? Once again they are true to form!

An interesting article came out today, and we at SFO did get an honorable mention.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

United Airlines leaving T3...

We have heard that United is leaving T3 in June and will occupy the old ticket counters of Continental Airlines in T1.

Can Pier B handle the extra passenger traffic? We hope that all this has been well planned out.

Let's cross our fingers.