Monday, March 4, 2013

Are You Wondering Like We Are About.....

why February was a record month for promotions?  Are you wondering like we are about when the slots for these were created?  What are the real motives behind all of these promotions?

Did these promotional slots just appear out of nowhere?  Has the need for these promotions been there since last year, and have they been left vacant?

Let's see if we can make some sense out of all this.

What better way to diminish the impact of workforce hostility toward management than to have more than a few promotions?  What better way to attempt to change the focal point away from the give backs and take a ways?  What better way to, at the same time, have more overseers and policy enforcers?  What better way to identify and correct the conditions that prevent "world class customer service"?  What better way to soften the blow of the SEIU union dues increase to 2.3%?

This is a classic case of misdirection.  Let's throw the workforce a few bones! Let's try to increase our very slim chance of keeping this gravy train contract!

Let's show the workforce that we are not all bad.  Let's show them more than we have shown them before!

Well, Stormin Mike, it will not work.  There are still too many members of the workforce who are feeling real pain.  There are still too many members of the workforce who are trying to make ends meet.  There are still too many members of the workforce who have seen their monthly expenses skyrocket. And, most importantly, there are still too many members of the workforce who will not fall for this deception!

The biggest slap in the face, and we do mean the biggest, is that all of these promotions are being funded by our give backs and take a ways!

These promotions are being financed by the workforce, and not by CAS.  Covenant is hoping that we do not connect the dots and follow the money trail.  CAS does not want the workforce to see how these steps mainly benefit management and their pursuit of "Profit before Product."

The first step for a better tomorrow starts with getting SEIU removed.  How are we doing with that?  When do we sign on the dotted line?