Monday, November 12, 2012

Uniform Allowance? Huh?

The TSA workforce has a uniform allowance that has just been raised to 446 dollars a year.

What uniform allowance do we get?  We can't even get them to buy us the shoes which are part of our uniform.

Greed at its finest! Just lies, lies, and more lies from our management and our union.

Under the labor agreement, TSA employees will see their uniform allowances nearly double to $446 per year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weather Forecast For Tomorrow--Snow Job Heading Our Way!

SEIU will try to convince the workforce that the latest offer presented by CAS is fair and the best that they could do.  They will tell you that they recommend workforce approval.  
What they won't tell you is why they think that we cannot get a better deal.  They won't tell you that they want to start collecting dues again ASAP.  They won't tell you that this is a sellout on their part. 
Just what have they tried to do that benefits us?  This latest proposal benefits only CAS.
The question that should be asked is, "why have they given up? "  We expect more from this do-nothing-but-take-our-dues union.  Demand that they go back to the bargaining table, and this time really work for us.  Show the workforce what you have not shown us since day one.  SEIU, do the job as it is supposed to be done.  Earn your keep!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where Your Dues Money Is Going!

This is one of the banner headlines flashing across the top of the page and comes from the Wall Street Journal.

" The Service Employees International Union has emerged as the top outside spender on Democratic campaigns this year, surpassing even President Barack Obama's main super PAC.
SEIU, like other large entities that spend money on elections, doesn't have to disclose all of its expenditures to the Federal Election Commission. But according to disclosures it has made so far this year, the union has funded almost $70 million of campaign donations, television ads and get-out-the-vote efforts for Mr. Obama and other Democrats."

Vote "No" On This Lastest Offer From CAS!

This offer is full of take away items and give backs.

The company wants you to focus on the raise that they want to give you.  They want you to focus on the number of sick hours we will receive.  They want you to focus on the fact that they will pay 85% of any hospitalization costs if you are admitted for care.  They want you to focus on your PTO carryover and new accrual table.  It's a classic case of misdirection!

Focus on this instead:

Under this latest plan, you would lose your parking allowance.  Your PTO accrual rate would be lower than it was under the old plan.  Your up-front and out-of-pocket expenses for your medical coverage would skyrocket.  
The raise that they plan to give us would be funded by the givebacks and takeaway items.  Do the math!  Multiply the monthly parking allowance by twelve.  Compare the number of PTO days that we should have to what they are offering, and then multiply that by your hourly wage.  Your co-pay per medical visit would double.  Your hospitalization cost would go from zero to 15% of the total cost, to a maximum of $3,000 per year.  And that is just for someone with no dependents!  That number jumps to $6,000 for someone with a family.  
Now, total up these differences (along with some that we have not listed), and subtract from that total the amount of the raise that they plan to award us.  As you can see, they would be giving us a raise with the money that they are planning to take away from us.  Imagine this:  you take $2000 from me, then later tell me, "You're such a good friend, I'm going to give you $500 as a gift."  Can we see how they don't want us to focus on where the money is coming from?  Is it truly a benefit to us?

Now why would SEIU tell us to vote "yes" on an offer like this?  

Let's see!  CAS declared that negotiations were at an impasse.  An impasse means that we are now an "Open Shop."  An "Open Shop" means that no one has to pay any dues -- which means that the union is working for free.  Yikes! They can't have that!

So, what's a union to do?  How about accepting and endorsing an offer like this to get the dues money flowing again.  Never mind that it is a very bad deal for the employees; they want their dues.

We heard through the rumor mill that the union plans to put this offer up for vote early next week.  Spend some time reviewing for yourself the information that we have just presented. 

We strongly urge a "No" vote on this latest insult!