Monday, April 29, 2013

So, who should be awarded the contract at SFO?

Should it be the company that submits the lowest bid?  Should it be a company that is well known?  Just what should this decision be based upon?

How about this?  How about awarding this contract to a company that will not put "profit before product "!  How about awarding this contract to a company that has a proven track record and a thorough understanding of what security is all about?

How about awarding this contract to a company that will respect and appreciate the contributions of the workforce?
How about a company that can motivate and inspire the workforce with their leadership skills and professional example?

We want a company that will respect and listen to our concerns and respond to them in a positive way.
CAS found out the hard way that threats and intimidation will not work.  The working relationship that CAS has with the workforce is deplorable.  CAS has had over ten years to get it right, and they have failed to do so.

CAS should not be allowed to have an opportunity to once again put profit before product.  They should not be allowed to further damage the remnants of the morale and team spirit that once existed at SFO.
Could it be that the TSA is the best option for SFO?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As you were bidding for your new work schedule....

did you feel the love? 
Most of us were not able to get the shifts and terminals that we wanted to work at -- blame our stellar management team and our do-nothing-but-take-our-dues union, SEIU!

Yes, the same management team that wants us to deliver "world class customer service" in order to help them keep this contract.  The same management team that took away our parking allowance, shoe allowance, laundry service, reduced our vacation accural rate, increased our out-of-pocket medical costs, and makes it near impossible to get any time off.  Yes, the same management team that doesn't give a moment's thought to the issues that are important to us and to our families.  The same management team that hopes that we all have "short" memories. 

Isn't it ironic that they now need us!  Isn't it ironic that they want us to feel "team" spirit?  Where was that team spirit when they decided to take all these things away from us?
Management's overwhelming concern is how to "generate" a profit at any cost!  Don't be duped into believing that we are now "one" team.  Don't be duped into believing that we will be better off if CAS keeps this contract. 

The actions of management speak louder than words!  To management, we are just a vehicle to earn them more profit than they already have.
May their end be in sight!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Interested Contract Bidders Walk-Throughs Have Started!

Did you happen to see the tour that was given last Friday?  We were told not to speak to them and to not answer any questions.  (Any questions that they may have had should have been answered by reading the blog-site.)

BTW, our union of concessions, SEIU, was part of the tour group.  Were they trying to the plant seeds for their retention? Were they trying to show that they are still representing us to the best of their limited ability?

Do we not have a signup sheet to have SEIU  removed?  How is that coming along?  It is way past the time for a change.  Stand up and be counted! 

Take the first step towards a better tomorrow, remove SEIU. 

In case you are wondering what our life would be like without SEIU, go to the NLRB.Gov website and click on " employee rights."