Monday, January 28, 2013

This proves our point!

Never let it be said that Stormin Mike doesn't "feel" for us.  Never let it be said that Stormin Mike really cares about us as individuals and/or our families.

How shall we respond to this latest from his "heart" message?  Let's give it a go, shall we?

He is completely glossing over the root cause of all that is happening right now!  The resulting "lack of world class customer service" is in direct response to the policies that he and his stellar management team have handed us (along with the complicity of SEIU).

For him to say that he "appreciates" our effort is completely and totally insincere!  We are not the ones who have failed to remember that the product that we deliver, "world class customer service", depends solely upon the morale and professional attitude of the workforce.  Yet, Stormin Mike wants us to believe that he is not the problem.  WE ARE THE PROBLEM! 

When has this company ever shown us any appreciation?  We must have missed it!  Was it during the annual hot dog, chips and soda day, otherwise known as, Employee Appreciation Day?  Or was it during the annual combined Thanksgiving and Christmas day luncheon?  Was it during the Perfect Attendance Award handshake?  Or was it when they stopped buying us the shoes which are part of our uniform?  Try as we might, we just cannot remember a time when we have been sincerely and totally appreciated!  

Now this one statement of his really made us stop and think.  We could not help but laugh.  He said that, "we would no longer be represented by SEIU!"  That point alone seals the deal.  That, Uncle Mike, would be a wonderful thing!  If we were to go Federal, we would be represented by the American Federation Of Government Employees (AFGE).  You remember them, don't you Uncle Mike?

So now let us get into the meat and potatoes of his brash and bold internal and confidential memo.

He said, " I will do my part to fight for your jobs at SFO."  The only job that he will be fighting to keep is his own!  There is no "Team SFO."  There is only "Team Mike."  There are only the self-serving issues that are important to a "FOR PROFIT COMPANY" with a Federal contract.  

Let us not forget, it is "Profit and the pursuit of Profit" that drives this company. It is Profit before Product!  It is, and it always will be, the number one issue for a private contractor with a Federal contract.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rumor mill...

The SEIU sellout contract which was ratified unethically in December has, as of now, not yet been signed.  Supposedly they are still working out some of the details. Our question is:  what is there to work out?  No changes should be made at all!  One month later, no one has seen a hardcopy or employee handbook.  In the meantime, CAS is holding town hall meetings, where scare tactics are being spread. 

CAS is very concerned, and rightly so, about losing this contract.  Now they want us to let bygones be bygones.  They need us to help them hold onto this gravy train.  Just how stupid do they think we are?  Any new private contractor will have to follow the ATSA guidelines outlining salary and benefits.  These guidelines are set in stone.  CAS would have you believe that we would be worse off if they were replaced.  NO -- CAS management would not be missed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They never saw this coming!

CAS management erroneously believed that the workforce would fall in line with the SEIU "sellout" contract. They erroneously believed that we would take it in stride and go back to "business as usual."

The agreement that our wonderful union of concessions, SEIU, made with CAS was and is appalling! Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should!
An agreement as atrocious as this should never have been approved by SEIU.

The damage that has resulted from this outrage is beyond repair.

Let the chips fall where they may!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Were you surprised by what you saw in your last paycheck?

Were you expecting more, especially since this last paycheck included two holidays?  Well, not to worry -- it will only get worse! 

Your paycheck will be reduced by nearly 60 dollars per month, due to the increase in Social Security tax. Add to that the monthly parking allowance that we are no longer receiving.  Add these numbers to the medical premiums which we are now paying for family medical coverage; then factor in the reduced Holiday pay rate for which SEIU "negotiated".  This number alone is approximately 800 dollars per year. Let's not forget our potential out-of-pocket expense for the family plan hospitalization.  

Do we have your attention yet?  Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy right now?  Are you feeling respected and appreciated?    Can you smile and offer world class customer service?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

2012-The Year in Review

Let us rate the performance of our management team, SEIU, and the changes that were made to our compensation packages.

The performance of management should be split into two halves:  the first six months and the second six months.

Using a grading scale from A through F we will generously assign a grade of D- to the first half.

Now, for the second half, we will assign an F-.  The new incoming president, Stormin Mike Boles, is totally and completely responsible for all the changes that were made. This management team with Boles at the helm is the worst that we have had by far.

SEIU receives a grade of F-.  They have more than stuck it to the very ones whom they were suppose to represent.  In some circles they are known as, "The union of concessions."  We wholeheartedly agree.

Changes to the compensation packages -- Grade F-

Add all of the above together and we arrive at where we are right now.  We have changed a workforce that was motivated, dedicated, and professional into a workforce that is now dispirited, unmotivated, and just going through the motions.  This company and its new policies have created a workforce that will not and cannot deliver "world class customer service." 

When a company treats their employees in a way that shows that they are unappreciated and disrespected, in a way that shows how little they care about our families and our concerns, how could they expect anything else?