Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Covenant Aviation and the Art of Deception!

Tours of the Checkpoint and Baggage screening locations of Covenant Aviation in SFO are being lead by local TSA. So Covenant, ever wanting to give the appearance of a professional and well-managed company, has decided to put fresh lipstick on this pig!

We were told not to speak to any members of the tour group (in order to keep our trade secrets from getting out). What, if any, trade secrets do we have? How about none!  We follow, or at least should follow, the exact same SOP. 

Which brings us to this question: Why are other airports thinking of opting out of the TSA screening program and considering going to private contractors?  If we all follow the exact same SOP, there should be no difference in wait times or performance! In fact, a private contractor's main objective is to generate a profit at the expense of their employees. Worker morale and motivation deteriorates as more and more is taken away from the employees! These airports should seriously reconsider this course of action. Be careful what you wish for.

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