Friday, September 26, 2014

Think Long and Hard!

This article refers to SEIU as a powerful union. Where does that power lie, and how do they use it?

Their " power " comes from using union dues to fund reelection campaigns. Their " power " comes from backing politicians who are willing to stick it to the very people whose lives they should be working to improve.  Ask yourself if you want to continue to be victimized just like these union members who were forced to join and pay dues!

There are those of you who, as of yet, remain undecided on which way to vote on our Union De-certification motion. Read the article and then ask yourself, "Is this the type of union that I can trust? Is this the type of union that I want representing my interest?"

Once again their actions and level of greed speak volumes.

It is time to stand up for yourselves and say, "  Enough is Enough! "

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled last week that the SEIU Healthcare Michigan does not have to pay back more than $34 million in dues collected from over 40,000 home health care workers. Many were forced into the union under state requirements that they join because they were taking care of sick family members at home.

( The full article can be read by opening the link.)

Just why is Rep.John Mica so involved?

Just what is in this for him?  Just what information is he being spoon fed that would make him arrive at his stated conclusions?

There are some who might believe that this is an campaign related election year position. Draw your own conclusions based on the facts.

We will state our position once again.  A private contractor with a federal contract puts their desire to generate a profit as their primary objective.  The decision to choose a private contractor over the TSA is  purely political.

Btw...if you were not able to read the article in the Orlando Sentinel just copy and paste the link and insert in the address box on a blank browser page.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Updated UD information!

Committee of Covenant Screeners for Deauthorization

Mail in Ballot for the Deauthorization (UD) Election, Vote Yes!

Fellow Covenant Employees:

The lying liars of SEIU and Covenant have a contract governing our employment. This contract contains a “union security clause” which requires each employee to pay dues to SEIU as a condition of employment. This is insane! Vote Yes!

However, under the National Labor Relations Act of 1951 (NLRB), employees have the right to call for a special, secret ballot election to have this forced-security cause deleted from the contract. This is called a “Deauthorization election”, (UD), because employees “deauthorize” the forced-security clause and remove it from the contract.

If 50% or more of the eligible employees vote in favor of the UD, the clause is struck out of the contract, and no employee will be forced to pay dues or fees to the SEIU. In short, a UD election has only one purpose: to remove the forced-dues clause from the contract, and require SEIU to earn its dues through voluntary contributions, instead of forced collections and threats to terminate you if you don’t pay up!

Our UD election is a mail in ballot from the NLRB.
The ballots will be mailed after 10-2 and will come to
your home address, we have till 10-16, Thursday to send
back the filled in ballots to the NLRB, the votes
will be counted on Tuesday the 21st at 11:00 AM.

It is Critical that each employee vote during the voting period! In order to win this election, we need a majority of all employees who are eligible to vote. An employee who fails to vote is, in effect, “Voting” for forced dues, and is voting to have no choice except to continue paying outrageous dues and fees to SEIU!

A strong union is not predicated on how much money you pay in dues! The Union is weak because of a POOR CONTRACT, POOR LEADERSHIP, and NO ADVOCACY!

Vote yourself a Raise! Vote Yes!

What a load of horse manure!

Just who do they think they are kidding?  We all know better!

The mouth that roared is at it again!  John Mica should walk away and leave this alone.

( By the way, focus on the part that talks about what will happen to the current federal TSA screeners.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For your reading pleasure!

Please post the flyer below. Thank You!
Committee of Covenant Screeners for Deauthorization

UD petition for 2014

What is a De-authorization (UD) petition? In 1951 Congress granted us, the workers, the right to hold a secret ballot election to nullify the compulsory unionism clause (Closed Shop-the requirement to join the union and pay dues as a condition of employment). A successful election will give CAS workers the ability to de-authorize the security requirement. (Open Shop-employees cannot be fired for refusal to pay any dues!) CAS workers can use their own best judgment when deciding to financially support SEIU.

If a majority of employees at Covenant vote to remove the authority of SEIU-USWW to collect dues will the Collective Bargaining Agreement become unenforceable?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! The new contract remains in effect; the sole effect of the election is the removal of the security clause (Closed Shop). All other provisions and terms of the contract remain in full force and effect. Unfortunately the Lying Lairs of SEIU will crawl out of the rocks they live under and again attack the UD petition and upcoming vote! They will spend tens of thousands of (Dues) dollars! Why can’t they fight Covenant instead? Remember! It is in SEIU’s (The purple dues machine) best interest to lie and confuse you. They just want your Money!

If you haven’t signed the de-authorization (UD) petition yet, please give it your utmost consideration. Remember we are the only airport in the United States that has to pay to keep this Job! This is insane! Let’s keep our money! (Open Shop)

SEIU: The Union that sold us out!