Sunday, April 29, 2012

Montana Office Closing

Covenant Aviation Security LLC is closing its office in Anaconda, Montana per the Montana Standard newspaper.  Covenant Aviation Security LLC has no known contracts in Montana except for some services it provides to Trinity Technology Group. 

Last one out turn off the paper shredder!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now, who was it that said....

that there will not be any layoffs?  Who was it that said that he would give each person, if they were laid off, 1000 dollars and quit?  His name seems to escape us at this time, but he does come from Texas.

What is the cash total up to now?  Will he once again not live up to his pledge?

So far, it's 8 sups and counting!  Unconfirmed reports now say that the total is 12.  How about letting the axe fall on some members of the management team?  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Power and Beauty of the Internet!

We have been contacted by members of the TSA workforce in other cities across the nation who have read our blog postings.  We are exchanging information and overall they like our site.

No longer will the misdeeds of CAS management remain in-house. No longer will what happens at SFO stay at SFO.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Keep An Eye on the Drive-Thru!

If I were a truthy TV newsman I would always keep things simple.  People understand McDonald's and Burger King.  These can be useful examples that are short and simple for illustrative purposes.

But what if the example is too clumsy?  What if in the current reality we really should be talking about Federal Burger vs. Subsidy Burger?  And what if everywhere Subsidy Burger went, people started thinking about filling their tummies at others' expense?

In February 2008, Missoula Airport wanted an answer to their most important question:

Part of the reason Missoula is entertaining the idea is because of an additional $90,000 expenditure that resulted from the airport's $4.3 million remodeling project, completed last April.
To alleviate congestion at the security screening area, an exit lane was placed farther from the checkpoint and needed a security guard. Staffing that post 16 hours a day tacked on an additional $90,000 expense for the airport.
If a private company took over the Missoula airport's security, the company would pick up that expense, said airport director Cris Jensen. But no one Tuesday could promise that would happen.
from Missoula airport officials put private security plan on hold, by Chelsi Moy
Read more:

So what was the plan?  Get a large enough subsidy to turn around and subsidize others?  Did they think no one was watching the drive thru window?

It's just plain wrong to blame Pistole or the AFGE for holding up a hold up!

Travel Tips for TV Truthtellers

If I were a TV truthteller, with a cute little tag line like "Give Me A Break", I'd check out Los Angeles International Airport's newly renovated Terminal 6. That is, if I really wanted a break.

Alaska Airlines over to you:

Beginning March 20, 2012, Alaska Airlines opens Terminal 6 at LAX
Faster Curb-To-Gate Time A streamlined check-in featuring more ticket kiosks and bag drops. More security checkpoint lines reduces screening wait times to minutes. (

Know what else, Mr. TV Truthteller? They just got one of those fancy in-line baggage screening systems.

So those statistics you have that Mica paid for? Man, Give Me A Break!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

John Stossel- Duped? or on the payroll?

Stossel has, or had, up until this point, a reputation as a professional and thorough investigative reporter. So, what happened? How did he gather his info? Does he have a union based political agenda? What ties does he have to Rep. John Mica?

It seems that he was spoon-fed facts that led him to believe that CAS was, and is, the answer to what ails the TSA.

Mr. Stossel, don't believe everything that comes out of the mouth of CAS management. Visit our blog-site and read for yourself some of the issues that exist at CAS. Seek out the truth and draw your own conclusions.

Dig deep and keep your reputation intact!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Letters, We Get Letters About Life in the SPP

We've recently been contacted by some people out in federal TSA land. They are worried about their airports' showing interest to go private and they are worried about their futures. One thing they want to know is if it's true there are no shift differentials at SFO, as reported at this blog. It seems that the differentials are an important part of their overall package.

Well, they are correct to worry and to start asking questions. John Pistole has been hinting that 10% higher costs in the SPP is not cost-effective in his eyes, which might give TSOs hope that Pistole will reject SPP applications. But in Washington, Pistole will be an army of one with that kind of thinking. In Washington, 10% is within reason. He's likely to lose in the long run (as planned by Obama's good pals in labor, of course). The possible exception is small airports where the contractors can't cut essential staff and claim enough efficiencies to pocket the difference.

Our new contacts have honed in on a very important detail. Where's the differential? It must be implemented, and it must be factored in!