Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Really, Uncle Mike?

Uncle Mike just doesn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation between the workforce and management. Doesn't the evidence speak for itself?  Why is he failing to acknowledge that his style of management just doesn't work?

Does he honestly think that the steps that management has taken will inspire the workforce to increase performance? Just what motivation does he think will be created by withholding the 3rd quarter "Courtesy and Helpfulness" bonus? Quite the contrary!  This step has only inflamed the workforce. It didn't work before, why would you expect it to work now?  

Covenant Aviation Security placing 26th out of 30 in Courtesy and Helpfulness should be a wake up call.  Let's just continue along the same path and see where it leads.  Let's just continue to stick it to the workforce as usual!

Uncle Mike, why don't you try something that might work? How about showing some respect and appreciation? How about treating the workforce in a way that acknowledges the reason that CAS has lasted over 11 years? Do you still think that all the backroom deals and cozy relationships will save this contract?  You even acknowledge this point in your own "Internal Company Confidential" letter, dated November 26, 2013.  To quote: "our expectation is that our TSA contract will run through July 31st, 2015."  The key words here are "our expectation" -- in other words, there is no guarantee!

Uncle Mike, you are right about one thing:  that the expectations of the stakeholders remain as high as ever.  Just what is your plan to create an atmosphere that will produce a service that meets these goals?

The workforce will once again follow the examples displayed by management.  Start showing that you value the contributions made by the workforce!