Monday, April 11, 2016

SEIU-the union that gave back.....

our parking and shoe allowances and much, much more wants to use the dues money received from the workforce to fund their favorite political candidates in the upcoming elections!
Threatening letters have been sent out to those workforce members who have not been paying dues.  With those letters comes a dues authorization form that they want you to sign and return to them. Failure to become a dues-paying member will result in termination of employment with Covenant Aviation.

So, what is wrong with all of this? SEIU has not told you that you have the option to become a union member at a reduced membership rate of 1.74 percent instead of the full rate of 2.3 percent.  This is a blatant violation of the Beck Rights law. And, if you read the fine print on the full membership form, you acknowledge that your dues payment begins 31 days after you become a Covenant employee. If you have not been paying dues at all and sign this form, you could be liable for payment of back dues.

But, you do have some recourse!
You can file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, (NLRB) against SEIU for not offering you the option to become an "agency" fee member.

You can also file a complaint against Covenant Aviation for threatening loss of employment for your failure to become a member of the union.

These complaints fall under the National Labor Relations Act, sections 7 and 8. How far you are willing to go with this is purely up to you!

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