Wednesday, September 25, 2013

As a reminder...

 SEIU, has been sending out letters demanding that employees once again start paying dues.  We feel that this is an attempt to persuade and intimidate the workforce into paying dues that are not required.

Has anyone seen a signed copy of the contract?

Has anyone seen a printed CBA handbook?

Information has been passed along to us regarding the status of the motion to disallow the results of the recent de-authorization vote. We have been informed that the National Labor Relations Board will be making a determination some time in October.

In the meantime, don't be intimidated into paying dues that are not legally required!

SEIU, produce a signed copy of the contract and a printed CBA handbook!

A pass along message!

If you received a second letter from SEIU,  use this form letter that was written by a attorney, and send back to the Union and send a copy to Covenant Payroll.

Sept. __, 2013


United Service Workers West-SEIU

Northern California HQ

3411 East 12th St., Suite 200

Oakland, CA 94601

Dear Sir:

I am employed by Covenant Aviation Security at SFO, and I am in receipt of your “second notice” dated _______________, 2013. Your notice demands that I sign union membership and dues deduction authorization cards, and pay full membership dues to the union. However, your records should indicate that I am not a member of the union, and that I am already on record as being a Beck objector. If your records do not indicate this, then I will reiterate the following: I have no wish to be a member of the union, and I object to supporting any of the union’s political and nonrepresentational activities, as is my right under the National Labor Relations Act and CWA v. Beck. This objection is permanent and continuing in nature.

I request that you provide me with my procedural rights, including: reduction of my fees to an amount that includes only lawfully chargeable costs; notice of the calculation of that amount, verified by an independent certified public accountant; and notice of the procedure that you have adopted to hold my fees in an interest-bearing escrow account and give me an opportunity to challenge your calculation and have it reviewed by an impartial decision maker. Once you provide me with the appropriate reduced fee amount I will meet all lawful financial core requirements.








Cc: Covenant Aviation Security HR/Payroll